Thursday, November 18

From Kathleen Warnock...

Greetings DCW fans!

Perhaps you have noticed that I did not send out a notice for the November
reading¦that is because we aren't having one! (Which is pretty considerate of me to tell you on the day!)

Due to scheduling conflicts, we're skipping this month and roaring straight ahead (so to speak) into December and Best! Lesbian! Erotica!

However, before that lovely happening, I'd like to tell you about another event taking place a bit further uptown from Dec. 9-11 that may be of interest to DCW fans:

En Avant Playwrights, in association with the Hunter College Theater Department, presents Night Rides,an evening of five short plays at the Frederick Loewe Theater, Dec. 9-11 at 8pm and Dec. 11 at 2pm. In addition to the New York premiere of Tina Howe's The Divine Fallacy, the evening includes Glass Highways by David Marrero, Travelby Dan Shore, Not at Home, by yours truly, andThe Raving by Ed Valentine.

If you've attended any of the DCW readings, you've seen the work of four of these playwrights! Tina Howe read her The Divine Fallacy in our series, David Marrero read Glass Highways and Ed Valentine brought Susan Barnes Walker as Laura Bush to KGB just a few months ago (Susan is featured in Tina's play this time ˜round). And well, you hear ME every damn month!

Tickets are $12, $5 for students, seniors and free for CUNY students/staff. I can be talked into comps if you have a good enough reason. (I shouldn't have said that)

For reservations, call 212/561-1062. For more information, email

Okay¦now on the Careening¦

Here are the details for December:

at KGB Bar
85 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003
(212) 505 3360
Best! Lesbian! Erotica
Cheryl B.
Rachel Kramer Bussel
Skian McGuire
with your hostess, Kathleen Warnock
Special Guest Hostess: TRISTAN TAORMINO!
Thursday, December 16, 7pm. FREE.

Cheryl B. is a writer and performer. Her work appears in over two
dozen publications including BLOOM, Pills, Thrills, Chills and Heartache:
Adventures in the First Person (Alyson) and The Milk of Almonds:
Italian-American Women Writers on Food & Culture (Feminist Press) among many
others. She lives in Brooklyn, where she curates and hosts Atomic: The
Reading Series with Something for Everyone. Herwebsite is

Rachel Kramer Bussel ( is a professional
porn editor and freelance writer. Her books include The Lesbian Sex Book,
Up All Night: Adventures in Lesbian Sex, Naughty Spanking Stories from
A to Z, and the forthcoming Glamour Girls: Femme/Femme Erotica and
Cheeky: Essays on Spanking and Being Spanked. Her writing has been
published in AVN, Bust, Curve, Diva, Girlfriends, On Our Backs, Playgirl,
Velvetpark, The Village Voice and in over 40 erotic anthologies.

Skian McGuire is a working-class Quaker leatherdyke who lives in the
wilds of western Massachusetts with her dog pack, a collection of
motorcycles, and her partner of 19 years. Her work has appeared in Black
Petals, Best Bisexual Erotica 2, several editions of Best Lesbian Erotica,
Nest O' Vipers webzine, and the Harrington Lesbian Fiction Quarterly.
She is a winner of the Amazon SuperSlam in Cambridge, Mass.

Tristan Taormino is an award-winning writer, columnist, editor, and sex
educator. She is the author of three books: True Lust: Adventures in
Sex,Porn and Perversion, Down and Dirty Sex Secrets, and The Ultimate
Guide to Anal Sex for Women. She is series editor of Best Lesbian Erotica,
winner of two Lambda Literary Awards, and just celebrated the 10th
anniversary of the collection. She is a columnist for The Village Voice,
Taboo, and Velvet Park. She teaches sex, relationship, and BDSM workshops
around the world, and her official website is

Drunken! Careening! Writers! is a monthly reading series dedicated to
the proposition that readings should be: excellent, well-read pieces
that have at least one thing in them that makes people laugh (nervous
laughter counts), and don't run more than 15 minutes each.

For more information, or to be added to the mailing list, email

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