Friday, September 24

Stuff to look forward to and a small confession

I Do/I Don't: Queers on Marriage, one of the anthologies I'm in should be out any day now. Suspect Thoughts has a picture of the book up on the front page of their website and it looks fabulous. There are about 100 contributors, including Carol Queen and Dorothy Allison so I'm in excellent company. My essay is called "Marriage Agnostic" since it's an institution I don't really believe in, but I feel should be available to everyone if it's available to some. I like my essay, but of course there's so much more to say on the subject than 2,000 words allow and I keep thinking of changes I could make to the piece that's being published. Perhaps, I should write a sequel.

Also, looks like I'm reading on December 16th for Best Lesbian Erotica 2005 at KGB as part of Drunken! Careening! Writers! - a great series curated by Kathleen Warnock thatI read at back in January. I've probably done hundreds of readings over the years, but I still get really nervous reading erotica, so this should be interesting. Contrary to popular belief, I am a shy, demure girl deep down. Sometime I even blush watching people kiss in movies.

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