Monday, October 11

one dvd player richer and none the wiser

I'm back from NJ. Happy to be home, at my desk, my cats asleep on the bed. Had a nice time hanging out with my mom, she fed me well and I was able to take advantage of her bathtub with the massaging jets (supposed to be good for the cellulite). I was also able to get some writing done in the wee hours of the morning as I typed away while overlooking the forest of trees her tiny backyard runs into. It's sort of like being in the wilderness except there are strip malls within 30yards. No lack of shopping in the great state of New Jersey. Speaking of shopping, I bought a new DVD player since the one that came with my laptop died a while ago. I hooked it up to my TV and it's great. Now I can make my way through the backlog of Netflix that have gathered. Just watched City of God - excellent film.

I'm still behind on Friday's Word of the Week. Hope to get to that tomorrow.

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