Sunday, January 9

another great evening!

Just got back from this month's Atomic. Carolyn, Nichelle, Joanna and Bob all blew my mind. Carolyn read from her 'zine Brooklyn Diary, Nichelle read a piece about going to a strip club and an absolutely hilarious essay called "The First Time Ever I Sat on Your Face". Joanna read from her new poetry collection called Moraine and Bob treated us to some funny songs - he was our very first musical guest!

I, on the other hand felt a bit lacking. I kept pronouncing things wrong, almost called Nichelle, Michelle said Joanna wrote a book called Fraud in Brooklyn when it's called Freud in Brooklyn(it's a really great collection, btw) etc. I think I'm a bit under the weather and I just got my females - a week early so that may account for the fucking up.

But the audience rocked as usual and everyone seemed to have a good time. So, overall I was pleased.

Earlier today I worked on my piece for Worst.Sex.Ever. and went to the gym where I used a machine called "Hip Adduction" which I originally thought was called "Hip Abduction" which can create some disturbing visuals when you think about it.

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