Friday, January 14

Typhoid Mary

Finally feeling better. Been the only person in my office the last few days so it's been pretty busy, ergo no blogging.

I was able to get a bunch of stuff out this week though and sent in my final colony application - fingers crossed.

I haven't been keeping up with the Word of the Week and it's probably not going to be resurrected as a regular feature anytime soon, but I thought today's Merriam Webster offering was fitting given the recent illnesses:

Typhoid Mary \TYE-foid-MAIR-ee\ noun

: one that is by force of circumstances a center from which something undesirable spreads

I'm glad my co-workers called out so I didn't have to be exposed to their germs.

This Weekend I Look Forward To:
- Gym
- Angels in America DVD
- Pile of writing
- Ladies Brunch on Sunday

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