Tuesday, February 15

bloody valentine

Okay, so last night I pillaged my closet and tried on like 5 or 6 skirt outfits and one dress and narrowed it down to two choices both of which I was going to bring with me to work today. I wanted to wear a skirt tonight to the Worst. Sex. Ever reading so I could show off the totally fierce, glam, platform boots I bought a few weeks ago.

But I woke up late and with the curse in full throttle complete with bloating and cramps so I picked one of my sexier tops which I have coupled with tuxedo pants and less spectacular heels. Ugh, I feel like crap. I'm so sick of feeling sick. This has been one long Winter.

I'm excited for the show tonight, also a bit nervous!! I always get nervous reading new work. I'm gonna try to cut out of the day job early today so I can go over my piece a few times.

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