Saturday, February 26

coming to you from the nj

Yes, I am in the land of my adolescence. Writing from my mother's retirement community where all the pastel, manicured, two bedroom, one-floor houses look exactly the same and everyone drives nose to windshield at a break neck 25 MPH.

It's my mom's birthday so I came down to celebrate with her. I've been here since last night and am READY to return home. Today, I treated her to a mani/pedi and dinner at a nice Italian restuarant where the busboy kept calling me Ma'am.

We also went shopping because there's really not anything else to do here and I managed to get some cool shoes and some clothes at great prices, with no sales tax. GO JESRSEY! I also found a couch and chair I may purchase, I'm thinking it over and leaning toward yes.

Tomorrow, I begin meeting with my new writing group, comprised of two writers whose work I've long admired, so I'm pretty excited about that. We're all working on full-length books and I'm hoping meeting with them on a regular basis will prompt me to finish the damn thing. I'll keep ya posted.

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