Thursday, February 10

cross gender caravan

From Carolyn Connelly:

The Cross Gender Caravan comes to your town!

Young transgender writers tell their stories in fiction,
essays and poetry. And along the way, they expand the
boundaries of both gender and artistic expression. Your
genderscape may never be the same again!

West Coast Dates:
San Francisco, CA
Thursday, April 7th, 7:00 pm
City Lights Bookstore
261 Columbus Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133

San Francisco, CA
Friday, April 8th, 7-9 pm
The New College
Tranny Double Dose! With the Tranny Roadshow
Sponsored by the New College
766 Valencia St. (b/wn 18th and 19th) at the SF Cultural Center

San Francisco, CA
Saturday, April 9th
Writers with Drinks Reading Series

San Francisco, CA
Sunday, April 10, 6:30 pm
Mills College

Berkeley, CA
Monday, April 11th, 7:30 pm
Cody¹s Bookstore
2424 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 845-7852

Portland, OR
Wednesday, April 13th, 7:30 pm
Powell¹s Books
1005 W Burnside
Portland, OR 97209

Seattle, WA
Friday, April 15, 7:00 pm
Confounded Books
315 E Pine St
Seattle Wa 98122
206 382 3376

Vancouver, BC
Sunday, April 17, 9:00PM
Thundering Word Heard reading series
Cafe Montmartre
4362 Main Street (at 28th)


Tennessee Jones (southern ex-punk with high pompadour whose
first book, Deliver Me From Nowhere, explores the sex and
gender badlands of Middle America through the prism of Bruce
Springsteen's album Nebraska)

Charlie Anders (author of Choir Boy, a bittersweet and surreal
story of a choirboy who takes female hormones to keep his
voice from changing and discovers a world of gender confusion.
Charlie publishes other, the magazine of pop and politics for
the new outcasts.)

Carolyn Connelly (high femme metal head whose zine, A Brooklyn
Diary, includes tales of growin up queer and working class in
Brooklyn, and hanging out with Metallica when they actually

Andre Hewitt, aka The Urban Hermit (Get ready for The Urban
Hermitt zine and The Flow Chronicles, a book about nitemare
hippies and coming out as queer in the midst of lsd induced-
heterosexist- rainbow gathering love. Andre writes about
counterculture, with soul.)

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