Thursday, February 17

more wysiwyg goodness...

Check out RKB'slatest Lusty Lady Voice column on Worst.Sex.Ever. where she mentions my story "The Size of His Ship." She even quotes me! Woo hoo. I feel important.

Thanks again to the great producers of WYSIWYG - Chris, Andy and Dan, I'm still feeling the good vibrations!

Also, check out the other readers. They all have fabulous blogs:

Chelsea Peretti
Bob Powers
Blaise K.
Matt Kovach
Bad Man
Chris hampton
Fautus, M.D.

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Anonymous said...

Cheryl! I have had a booger of a time getting your comments to work over the past couple of days, sorry to just now be saying this. Anyway, I adored your story, and I'm so glad you had such a good time the other night at the show. We'd looove to have you back sometime! Thanks again for reading, and thanks for the kind words!