Thursday, February 3

Queer Zine Showdown

Queer Zine Showdown:
a zine release xtravanganza

The Featured Bouts:

Round 1 -- Queens Cutter Sarinya flames out with Wheels of
Fire, tales of bike messengering, emergency rooms, and
gender trouble from the first female Asian firefighter in
New York City.

Round 2 -- Tennessee "Tussler" Jones reads from the latest
Teenage Death Songs, featuring skeleton drum corps, the
fight for true love, evangelical Appalachians, and the best
goddamn soundtrack you can imagine. Fuck all those white
trash bar nights; this is the real thing.

Round 3 -- Brooklyn Bruiser Carolyn Connelly presents Street
Corner Sass, the second edition of Brooklyn Diary, which
includes stories about growin up queer, metal, and working
class in Brooklyn. You wanna hear about hanging
out with Metallica when they actually mattered, dontcha?

Thursday, Feb. 17th at 7pm
Bluestockings Books
172 Allen Street (at Stanton)

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