Saturday, March 12

i am my own housewife

Gee, could that be the next NYT Bestselling Self-Help/Inspirational title? Or is it just how I feel today after painting the empty bedroom last night, scrubbing the floors, doing three loads of laundry, cleaning the fridge and bathroom, and waiting for my new kitchen table to arrive? When the delivery guys got here they assumed what most delivery guys assume when they bring me stuff and called me "Mrs. Burke."

This is an increasing trend I've noticed since I bought my apartment last December. Many people assume a single woman can't possibly own her own apartment never mind purchase her own furniture, pay to have flooring installed or the plumbing fixed. Some have gone as far as to ask, "this is a nice place, how much does your husband pay for it?" Or "your husband payin' for all this stuff? Sign here Mrs. Burke." Too which I've said, "it's Ms.! Mrs. Burke is my mother!" It's annoying on two levels; not only am I assumed to be married, I am assumed to be heterosexual as well.

In other news, I am back on the NYT weekend home delivery. I feel informed.

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Carolyn said...

Dude - you bought your own apartment?! I am in awe. Please, tell me your secret, Ms. Thang! I have a husband and the only thing we own is a Dodge Neon. (And I thought I was cool...)