Friday, March 25


I'm back from the reading at Cornelia Street Cafe. I didn't realize I got a free dinner since I was the feature. I ordered the mushroom ravioli, which seemed spectacular but I couldn't really enjoy the meal because my stomach was still a little jumpy.

The reading went well. Nice audience. I enjoyed some of the readers in the open mike, although two hours of open mike can be a little brain-scrambling. At the end some guy proposed to his girlfriend on stage after reading a poem about "sliding his ship into her waters" or some such. The proposal itself was kind of cute, but I could have done without the poetry. I think we all could have.

I was able to hand out a bunch of flyers for next month's Atomic.

During my reading I mentioned I was sober 4 years. On the way out, some guy was like "I'm sober 8 years, does it turn you on?" He said it like five times in a row. "Good for you." I answered. "But does it turn you on?" Not really dude...

Afterwards I walked over to the Strand, bought some books and picked up a cute beaded choker at a girly store on 8th Street.

I'm looking forward to a hearty and healthy Saturday.

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