Saturday, April 16

more knob

I Love Saturdays! And it's such a beautiful day today. I got up around seven, did a little work on a piece that is overdue for my writing group, got my laundry together and went grocery shopping. Typical Saturday fare.

I recently switched from coffee to tea and I have to say, I'm a lot less jumpy and I even think I have more energy. I cut out coffee to try to ease myself into a juice fast. Next step is to switch to herbal tea, then cut refined sugar, then dairy, etc. until you are left with nothing but raw fruits and vegetables, then you cut those out and just drink their juice. But that's sort of depressing so enough about that.

I just looked at the box that my new summer shoes came in. Turns out the style is called "More Knob." In England, "Knob" is another word for penis or cock. So with that in mind I have christened my new shoes "More Cock." Sort of gives new meaning to the term "Fuck Me Heels." And if they're magical shoes, maybe they'll get me laid sometime soon.

Off to do more tapping away.

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