Friday, April 1

poetica bizarra

Up early again. Yesterday morning I actually finished a short piece that I'd been working on for a while, the one about the "bad ex." And by "finished" I mean that I'll probably read it over in a few days and change some stuff, but it's basically out there. So that felt good.

I have a ton of work to do on "the book" this weekend in addition to two parties tomorrow night, working out and various household chores. I also have two books to review.

Last night after work I was in Union Square. I tried to shop at Whole Foods, but there was just too much to choose from, I got overwhelmed and left! I went to the smaller health food market around the corner which seems to have changed its long-standing name from "Healthy Pleasures" to "Wholesome Market." I don't know what the price differential is, but generally I prefer shopping in smaller places.

When I got home I wrote a two-page poem based on the notes I took by hand on Sunday. It may be my most bizarre poem ever and for those of you who know me, you know it gets pretty weird. I think it stems from the anxiety I've been having over the direction of my artistic career. That's all I'm gonna say now. I may share more soon.

Okay, gonna try to do something here.

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