Wednesday, April 20

wysiwyg rocks again

Just got back from the WYSIWYG Minimum Rage show and the ensuing after party. I sat next to mom-to-be Carolyn Castiglia who looked lovely. We both laughed our butts off!

Everyone had fantastic stories but Michelle Collins with her tale of Legal Secretary Hell practically had me peeing my pants! There were tears streaming down my face from picturing Jon Friedman standing on a corner in his "Mirror Hat." And Andy Horwitz brought me back to my drug-induced adolescence with his hilarious story of digging ditches and dropping acid.

The after party at CheapShots was fun as well. Ms. Alice Ayers made an appearance and I got to hang out with RKB and WYSIWYG curator Chris Hampton and got to give out a bunch of my sleek new black and red business cards.

Tonight I'm going to The Rejection Show. Looking forward to some more laughter.

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Carolyn said...

Yes - it was hilarious and I was so glad I got to sit by two laughers! You and Rachel are too cute!