Wednesday, May 4

reading,writing, no math

Just got back from a reading at Lolita that featured Lauren Sanders, author of With or Without You and Bee Lavender who wrote Lessons in Taxidermy. Lauren's an old friend and I already read her book and LOVED it (i'll have my interview with her out soon). But I'd never met Bee or read any of her work before and I was quite mesmerized by her reading. I got a copy of the book and can't wait to tear into it. Akashic Books just keeps publishing the best stuff.

I'm trying to get up early every morning to write before work. Which means basically staring out my bedroom window for an hour and then maybe writing 3/4 page before showering. Some days great things happen and 3-4 pages come out. If I'm home all day, I can get up to 7 pages, then I hit a wall. But I'm grateful for what I can get done. It all adds up.

I'm going at a pretty good pace with my current project and I'm basically pleased with what I'm doing. And for that, I guess I am blessed.

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simpson mayfield said...

I notice in lots of your pictures you are wearing lipstick.
you must really like lipstick.
I find that writing in the morning is hard, especially if I am trying to write with lipstick, but mostly I do not write. actually entirely I do not write, so it is an inspiration to me that you write. about the L.S.
what I really meant to say is that you must really be in to lipstick.
but really just based on these blog pics.
but I do not write.