Friday, August 19


The laptop is being operated on as I type. The hard drive is being removed, files will be downloaded to my work computer and then burned onto a cd to be opened on my dinosaur of a laptop at home. I will probably send the the tiny laptop in to SHARP for the diagnostic. If all goes well, I can resume work on the ancient laptop this evening and, hopefully, will have my tiny laptop back in a week or so. If not, I may have to find a secluded area and scream at the top of my lungs. Even if all goes as planned, I will not have internet access this WHOLE WEEKEND. Acutally, until Tuesday morning. I tend to do less on line over the weekend, but knowing I will not even have the opportunity is cause for alarm.

In other news, last night's reading at Freebird Books was fabulous. I wound up reading my creative nonfiction piece, "Winter Wonderland" that's on Small Spiral Notebook since I had access to it online. It turned out to be a good choice since my fellow reader Amy Blair of The Black Table also read a piece about adolescence in New Jersey. Amy's was about bowling, mine was about taking acid and monster trucks. And between the both of us, we covered some of the top Jersey topics. I met some cool people from The Black Table and drank a strage soda called Moxie, which was a mysterious blend of cola and birch beer.

Afterwards, I met up with N for our weekly Thursday night date.

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