Tuesday, September 13

from ultimate fag hag to hot dutch wiener

I can just imagine the google searches I am going to get from the title of this post.

Just got back from the fabulous Chicks and Giggles at Raga. This chick definitely needed a giggle and I wound up laughing my ass off - I'm glad I didn't wear mascara. Some of the best female comics told tales out of school, from nasty grade school nuns to naughty college professors.

Early on in the evening, curator and co-host Nichelle referred to herself as the "Ulitmate Fag Hag" and we all decided that needs to be the name of a Survivor-type reality show. And the always awesome Carolyn Castiglia used the phrase "hot dutch wiener" in her sweet, sexy and hilarious story of falling in love with her husband and former professor. Hence the title of this post.

Okay, it's way past my bedtime..

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