Wednesday, October 19

on the horizon

Mr. Wells arrived last night and we immediately headed off to Pete’s Candy Store to see our friend Laura’s band Underbird play their first gig. They’re sort of a rockabilly trio, with a country overtone and I wish I had brought my camera with me because Laura looked hot! She sounded even better and their songs are filled with really sharp lyrics.

After the gig, Tim and I headed to the pizza place on Bedford Avenue and then to one of my favorite old haunts, The Greenpoint Tavern, where we witnessed an old-school bar fight complete with broken glass, overturned table, “what are you looking at?” and a slammed front door. Good times.

I have some very fun and creative stuff on the horizon including another Poetry vs. Comedy Show at Galapagos in February and a new tiny book. I’m also curating the reading series for the big Pink Ink Queer Writer’s Conference here in NYC in June.

Unfortunately, I’m going to miss the debut of RKB's new In The Flesh series tonight because I’ll be at St. Marks for a poetry reading. But, I’ll be offering up my naughty spanking story at In The Flesh on December 21.

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