Tuesday, December 6

nobody, really

Haven't updated in a few days, so here's a rundown:

TheSmall Press Book Fair was awesome and I got to hang out with Girly who took a bunch of pictures of me at various points througout the fair. Also got to see Greg Wharton from Suspect Thoughts it was great to see him and I'm so excited to work with them on the anthology.

After the book fair, Girly and I headed to the LES where I had nachos at San Loco before heading over to the book party for Catch by Will Leitch. Party was fun and full of interesting folks. We played pool and took more pictures. Mr. Brian Van joined in on the photo fun and I wound up mugging for a bunch of pics outside Whiskey Ward. As the flashes went off, people kept looking over to see who I was. They were disappointed to find out I was actually nobody, or at least nobody famous.

Sunday was all about reading on my couch and watching DVD's. I finally ventured out after six to go to ATOMIC which, as usual, rocked. CA Conrad, Shanna Compton, Katy Brennan and Peter Kleiner all made me proud! Afterwards, CA and I headed over to Daisey's for green salads coupled with fried items. He even gave me a Tarot reading! Good things are in the air.

Yesterday, I bought new glasses. Tonight is my writing group followed by the Jen is Famous spectacular at CB's.

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