Wednesday, November 30

sunday, sunday, sunday...

It's ATOMIC again!

December 4th - 7p.m.


Katy Brennan
Shanna Compton
CA Conrad
Peter Kleiner

Lucky 13 Saloon
273 13th St. (5th Ave.)
Park Slope, Brooklyn


Monday, November 21

birthday girls

Had a great time at Carolyn and Nichelle's birthday celebration last night at Mo Pitkin's where I was able to snap this really cute pic of the birthday girls.

Friday, November 18

i like the words

Just got back from the very awesome Legion of Lit Mags cocktail party where I got to chat with some writer friends and met lots of cool literary people. It was the perfect antidote to today's day job suckiness. Recently, someone asked me what I do for fun, and all I realized that all I could think to tell them was that I go to readings, organize readings, participate in readings, etc. I guess that makes me some sort of word nerd, but that's okay with me.

who needs mistletoe?

In The Flesh Erotic Reading Series
Wednesday, December 21st, 8 pm
Happy Ending Lounge, 302 Broome Street, NYC
Admission: Free

Join In The Flesh host Rachel Kramer Bussel for a
reading from and book party for her latest anthology,
Naughty Spanking Stories from a to Z 2, along with
local contributors Cheryl B., Tsaurah Litzky,
Nichelle, Betty Taylor and Michele Zipp. They will all
read short selections from their work, and
refreshments will be served! Spankings are optional.

Rachel Kramer Bussel is a New York City-based author
and editor. She is Senior Editor at Penthouse
Variations and a Contributing Editor and columnist for
Penthouse and writes the Lusty Lady column for The
Village Voice. Her erotic stories have appeared in
over 50 anthologies, including Best American Erotica
2004, and she’s edited her own collections, including
Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z 1 and 2. Rachel
has also written for AVN, Bust, Metro, New York Post,
Punk Planet, Time Out New York and Velvetpark.

Cheryl B. is a poet and essayist. Her work appears in
over two dozen anthologies and literary magazines
including; BLOOM, Pills, Thrills, Chills and
Heartache: Adventures in the First Person (Alyson) and
Best Lesbian Erotica 2005 (Cleis Press) among many
others. She is the recipient of a 2003 poetry
fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts
and a writer’s residency from the Virginia Center for
the Creative Arts. A native New Yorker, she lives in
Brooklyn and online at

Tsaurah Litzky believes in bustiers , fishnets,
hedging her bets, no regrets and the beneficial
effects of a good spanking. Her erotica has appeared
in many publications including Best American Erotica,
Penthouse, The Blacklisted Journalist, Politically
Inspired, Wicked Women 7 and she is particularly
delighted to have a story in volume 1 of Naughty
Spanking Stories from A to Z. Her erotic novella, The
Motion of the Ocean is included in Three the Hard Way,
a series of erotic novellas published by Simon &
Schuster. She has also published eight books of poetry
and is currently at work on an erotic novel. Tsaurah
teaches erotic writing at the New School and erotic
poetry at the Bowery Poetry Club.

Nichelle is a Southern girl who loves New York City.
For laughs, she produces "Chicks and Giggles," an
all-girl stand-up comedy show. She writes on her blog,
Nichelle Newsletter
( and she is a
co-blogger on Cupcakes Take The Cake blog
( Nichelle
has read her work all over New York City at Atomic
Reading Series, Reading Series at Barbes, Sunday Salon
and WYSIWYG at PS 122. Her work has appeared online at
The Black Table, Gothamist, New York Cool and The

Bette Taylor grew up in rural Oregon. Now 29 and a
lawyer in New York City, she thinks up dirty stories
during her lunch breaks. Buy her a drink sometime.

Michele Zipp has been called a “softly panting GOP sex
tigress” by some circles of the media, but she’s
really just an old fashioned girl who loves chocolate
and secrets. As the ex-editor-in-chief of a certain
dick mag, Michele is now freelancing and on certain
nights can be found dancing atop tables in bars in her
hometown of NYC looking for some bipartisan
inspiration. Her writings have appeared in Heat Wave,
Juicy Erotica, Best Bondage Erotica, Naughty Stories
From A To Z 3, and of course Naughty Spanking Stories
From A To Z I.

Monday, November 14

because I needed a pick-me-up today...

cleavage school grads
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Me and my sexy friends.

Saturday, November 12


Had a great time at Thad's book party last night. Excellent readings by Hal Sirowitz, Amy Ouzoonian, Tsaurah Litzky and Janice Eidus. Regie Cabico hosted and Thad really rocked the house. I was proud to be a part of it. Didn't get home until after 2, waaay past my bedtime. So today, I'm feeling a bit tetched myself. Have managed to do the laundry and am planning a trip to the gym when the clothes dry. Tonight it's KW's gathering. Tomorrow, I'm Aunt Cheryl all day - I'll be babysititng the nephew.

Friday, November 11


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Me at the party last night.

oh, what a night!

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Still recovering from RKB's super birthday party extraordinaire. That girl sure knows how to out a party together. A load of fun, but stayed out way past my bedtime.

Thursday, November 10

party times three

Unfortunately, I had to reschedule my reading at SMUT next Monday because of a meeting in my co-op. I'll probably be doing the show sometime in January. I'll keep ya posted.

I'm looking forward to RKB's party tonight, Thad's book party tomorrow night and KW is having a party on Saturday night. Good times.

happy birthday RKB!

Happy 3-0 to the Lusty Lady!

Sunday, November 6

tonight's atomic

I can't say it enough; I know so many talented people who continue to amaze me with their brilliance. Tonight's ATOMIC was spectacular. Lisa Selin Davis read a very funny excerpt from her novelBelly, Christine Hamm read poetry including favorites "My Poetry" and "How to F*%&k Me," Tsaurah read from her lovely limited edition haiku chapbook, Peach Garden, and Andy Horwitz read a hilarious story about adopting an imaginary daughter. The audience was in top form including a few good-spirited hecklers one of whom took the mic at the end and said the reading was worth missing The Simpson's Treehouse of Horror. I took this as a high compliment as I was upset at missing that show myself.

manic flight reaction

Went to see Manic Flight Reaction, Sarah Schulman's new play at Playwrights Horizons last night. I was quite impressed with every aspect of the show; excellent script, riveting actors, cool set. There were some really great little one-line observations: "there's a cure for homosexuality you know...fame." I hadn't seen a play in a while and it was great to go back to the theater. Back when I was involved more with theater myself, I saw plays all the time. Perhaps when I finish the book, I will try my hand again at theater. I can't promise anything, not even to myself, but I do think I'd like give it a shot.

It's a slow Sunday morning, and my eye is still messy. Ugh. Just trying to fully wake up, then head out to the gym, then some writing work, then ATOMIC tonight.

Thursday, November 3

poetry vs. comedy baby!

Here's the lineup for the next Poetry vs. Comedy Variety Show. I'm excited that so many of my favorite writer/performers wanted to do the show!

Poetry vs. Comedy Variety Show
February 23rd – 8 p.m.

Galapagos Art Space – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Emcee: Carolyn Castiglia

Janice Erlbaum
Hal Sirowitz
Greg Walloch

Desiree Burch
Jon Friedman
Becky Yamamoto as PP Snatch