Monday, January 16

read another section from the memoir

Last night at Sunday Salon I read another section of the memoir. This part is called "Tittie Bar Reject" I'll let you figure out what it's about. It felt good to read it and I noticed a few tiny mistakes that I need to change. Ah, the magic of live readings! I got some really positive feedback from people in the audience and my fellow readers rocked. I hope to get some of them on at ATOMIC in the not too distant. Since it was like below zero last night and the L train wasn't running to the appropriate stop, we had quite a chilly time waiting for a bus to take us to another part of Williamsburg where we got free pizza with the purchase of beer, or in my case, Diet Coke. The Salon was PACKED and Stain Bar is such a beautiful place! It was well worth trekking out in the freezing cold. Bravo!

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