Thursday, March 23

maybe i'm wrong about this but...

I got a letter in the mail from one of the colonies I applied to. I was accepted for a month-long residency but I had also applied for a full fellowhip, since I couldn't afford to pay for it out of pocket. I was not offered a fellowship but was offered a small scholarship and a work-exchange for another amount of money. So basically, I would have to work at the colony for 10 hours each week I am there and still have to pay over $2000 for the residency. This did not compute with me: not only would I be working, I would be paying them to work there. This seemed particularly odd since the point of doing a residency is to get away from "work" and focus your art. I did not accept this offer.

Feeling kind of Blah today but looking forward to hanging out with the OGs tonight.

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