Wednesday, March 1

my 15 minutes of mistaken reality show stardom have ended

Well, the buzz seems to have waned and the website hits have decreased to the mere hundreds. Just when I was getting used to being mistaken for a reality show star...

In other news, I haven't updated my book reading list because I'm still working on the stack of books I received for the literary contest I'm judging. Actually, I am one of three judges. The finalists are due next Friday and I will add the titles when the contest winners are announced in May. I also hope to post write-ups of my top five. There's some really great stuff! After next Friday, I'll be back to my regular reading schedule.

Speaking of reading and books, I'll be reading from my book (in never-ending progress) at Barbes on March 19th along with Elise Miller and Amanda Stern. Info. on my RSS calendar at right. This should be a good one!

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