Friday, March 17

party recap...

The ESPA party was FUN AND PACKED and I got to sit in the VIP section behind a velvet rope which gave me a fleeting sense of super-coolness. Club Quo is an awesome venue. I forgot to bring my camera so I can't share the visual experience with ya'll but it was real pretty.

There were snacks on trays served by cute hostesses in tight pants.

There was also an extensive open bar which my companion took full advantage of followed by vomitting on the train later on in the evening and a long road to that vomit which I will not go into here. NOTE TO SELF: THE NEXT TIME YOU CAN'T FIND A DATE FOR SOMETHING, GO BY YOURSELF!

I got to chat with Marga Gomez who recently started
blogging and also has a show Los Big Names Off-Broadway.

And I was floored by the amount of french manicures (on sculpted nails) I spotted in the crowd. I'm a big fan of nail polish and girly stuff in general, but I've never known lesbians to be into the french manicure-look and sculpted or even long natural nails are typically unheard of for practical purposes. But there they were, out in the open, the talons of Sappho.

The best part was that ESPA raised lots of money for New York's LGBT's and despite the puke on my shoes, I was happy to be a part of it.

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