Monday, March 27


I took my cat to the vet tonight. She seemed a little ill the past few days but nothing out of the ordinary, I figured she had a cold and she always has some sort of eye ailment that tends to correct itself. Then last night she was really out of it, throwing up and looking disoriented. I picked her up and noticed she was all bones and seemed to weigh half of what she normally does. I typed some of her symptoms into google and was told to also look for jaundice, which she had in both her mouth and ears. Everything happened so quickly. The vet is keeping her there for three days. They're doing blood work and putting her on a catheter for fluids and antibiotics. She's lost almost four pounds. They'll probably know the prognosis after Thursday. All the possible situations look grim although some are more easily treatable.

I've only cried a little tonight but I have a really bad feeling about this.

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