Sunday, March 12

turtles, clothes and the ubiquitous cupcakes...

Yesterday, I went to the New York Aquarium with my nephew and his parents. The adults had a good time looking at the fish and aquatic life, such as this giant, camera-friendly turtle that was swimming around in the shark tank. The baby was more interested in chewing on the aquarium's pamphlet and looking at the lighting fixtures that surrounded each exhibit. He is only seven months old after all.

Today, I went to a clothing swap at the home of Alice Ayerswhere I got to give away the mountain of clothes I recently cleaned out of my closets and drawers. I also took home some cute tops and a nice pair of pants. Of course, cupcakes, made by the lovely Ali were in abundance. This time they were chocolate with pomegranate-infused icing. Wow! I totally broke my sugar fast and had two.

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