Monday, April 10

blogging under the influence

Friends, I quite possibly may have just had the worst weekend ever.

Without going into extreme detail, I've made this short and handy list:

1. Saturday = Third Date Disaster.
If I were still writing slam poems, the events of this night would make for the perfect "F*** YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON" type of diatribe that goes over so well at slams. Luckily, I am beyond this now.

2. Sunday = Emergency Room Nightmare.
Woke up on Sunday with a pain in my back so severe, I could barely get out of bed or walk. On Saturday, I thought I had a slight UTI, but I did not want to miss the date so I chugged lots of cranberry juice and about 2 gallons of water which usually does the trick. When I woke up on Sunday, with the pain in my back I was sure I had a kidney infection. I had one years ago and the pain was similar. Also, my father died of kidney cancer so whenever anything happens in that area it freaks me out. I somehow made it to the ER, where a friend met me. I waited around a while for the ER doc in a hospital gown, holding my jar of urine and was eventually treated to a random pelvic exam and a huge needle in the arm. I'm afraid of needles so this almost made me faint. At the very least, I definitely swooned. Turns out there was no kidney problem, but I have sciatica and have been given pain killers, which always make me physically ill. Good times.

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Christine said...

Sorry things are so awful. You deserve something great to happen, soon.