Friday, April 7

pvc: bagpipers vs. harpists

Another fantastic PVC last night!

The winner was comedian Dan Allen who joked that my next show was going to be called bagpipers vs. harpists and read some fun and irreverent poems. Poet Claudia Alick was the runner-up . She managed to work Chaka Khan into one of her poems and was the only performer to recieve a perfect score.

Andy Horwitz read a gender and identity-free sex poem, who knew? Lianne did a film-noiresque seven-minute one-woman show. Christine Hamm's poetry can do all of us right now. And Kelli Dunham reminded us of why she is not a 12-year old boy.

Adira rocked the house and almost flashed some boob. Carolyn was on fire. And our fabulously bitchy judges (pictured above) even wore wigs! Except for RKB, seated on the right, who is not wearing a wig.

Unfortunately, I bought the last available "I Love Ashton" trucker cap at the dollar store. This has traditionally been our grand prize. What can top that?

Click here for more photos from the show.

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