Saturday, May 27

catnap, now with more cat

Just woke up from a little nap with Lulu. She usually doesn't nap with me, just near me. But this time she deigned to entangle herself in my arms, purring and making it even more difficult to get up. I have to leave the house around 6 tomorrow morning to catch the bus to boston so I'm staying in tonight. I hope the nap is not going to keep me up all night.

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Kitty said...

Awww how sweet! Hope you don’t miss the bus.
We are off to Edinburgh this weekend. I am to meet Ruth’s parents for the first time so if you never hear from me again, I’ll probably have been chopped up and made into Haggis, or something you could feed to LuLu! They don’t really approve!!
Have fun, belle étrangère!