Friday, June 9

the annual airing

Last night I made it to Nichelle's FYP party. I wore my first dress of the season. It's very comfy, black, with spaghetti straps and a slit. I wore it with a pair of adorable pewter wedge platforms. I'm not much of a dress wearer and can usually be found in jeans, sometimes a skirt in summer. But last night I put in the extra effort and wore a dress. I don't know what it is about dresses that makes me put them in a seperate category from other clothes. I think it goes back to my baby dyke days when my first girlfriend deemed me too "girly" and I felt the need to wear my baby-doll dresses - as was the style then - with pants and/or combat boots. I realize now, thirteen years later, that repeated put-downs about your looks from your lover, no matter what the direction, are just another form of abuse. I've been through too many relationships where I was either dressing too sexy/not sexy enough. My shoes were "oppressive" (to who?). My hair was too short/too long, same with my nails. Then there was the one that wouldn't kiss me when I wore lipstick. No wonder I'm still single! At least I know how to pull an outfit together, at least there's still that.


Kitty said...

Yeah, let’s hear it for dresses! I wore one (not an entirely suitable one for work) for the first time in ages and a 14-year-old pupil said to me (the head remember): “You look shit hot today, Miss.” Sod the inappropriate language, what a star!

There aren’t many benefits to being older but it is so much easier to ignore the put-downs and have that confidence to be yourself.

You’ll find someone soon, probably where you least expect to – when I met Ruth she was dressed as a giant broad bean! You just never know, eh.

But where’s the photo evidence of your lovely frock, belle étrangère?

Anonymous said...

kissing people with lipstick is disgusting!

Kitty said...

Rubbish! Kissing people with onion breath is disgusting.

Although my girlfriend said it was the weirdest thing about being with a woman rather than a man (lipstick that is) - you would have thought there were more notable differences!