Thursday, June 22

crammed in a photo booth with a photographer

Originally uploaded by brianvan.

In an irreverent display of post-modernism Girly, Nichelle and I crammed into a photobooth to be photographed by Brian.

Further evidence here.


Kitty said...

Haha I love those booth photos. So many photos of one party though – after looking at all those I felt like I had been there too. I looked hard into dark corners but couldn’t spot me, so I guess I wasn’t.

I posted a photo of my cat. See what Lulu thinks. Maybe she likes the older cat? My cat is female but she looks quite boyish. She doesn’t always wear the Elvis necklace and she isn’t really very smelly either!

Kitty said...

So? Is she not beautiful?

Kitty said...

Still in that photo booth? Time you came out and posted something new.
Cat's birthday today so I posted a couple of other pics.
It's a bit like talking to myself, visiting your comments box!!