Thursday, June 29

looking good, feeling hot (but not the good kind of hot)

Ooh, my blog is so pretty! Now I just have to get the content up to speed with the design.

I'm parked directly in front of the AC right now, working on a new piece and, um, watching TV. Not the most discliplined, I know, but I'm trying. Summer is my least favorite of all the seasons and I think it would be ideal to live somewhere it never gets really hot. I swear, parts of my brain melt away in heat like this.

In other news, I'm reading at Think Coffee on July 26th. More details to follow.

1 comment:

Kitty said...

haha you should come here then! No need for aircon here - you can sport sexy thermal undies instead (in August).
Actually it is hot here today.
Hope you'll be supporting us (well, I'm not really English but who cares) tomorrow for the match. Hang those flags out and tie an England pendant round the lovely Lulu's neck!

Your blog is very beautiful indeed!