Friday, July 14

meet the new name, same as the old name

This is the first business card I've had printed that didn't say Cheryl B. You could say I'm re-branding, as myself.

I gave myself the name Cheryl B. by mistake. When I went to sign up for my first open mic fourteen (!) summers ago, I was so nervous that when I was asked for my name I blurted out, "Cheryl B." It just stuck as did the urge to read my work on stage. And although I didn't mean my pseudonym as such, it has provided me with a cover of anonymity over the years. Now that I'm approaching another birthday (you'll have to dig for my real age at this point) in September, I'm thinking it's time to get back to basics.

Cheryl B. will always be my nickname and I'll probably still use it for performance purposes. It's what I've been known as for almost my entire adult life, but I'm ready for a bit of a change. Who knows? Maybe I'll change back at some point. Or pick something new altogether.

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Kitty said...

That's very sweet - the story of how you became Cheryl B.

You are certainly making a lot of changes. Will you be doing the real superstar bit and changing your age too!!?

Don't hear much about sweet Lulu these days. Hope she hasn't fallen foul of your new enthusiasm for change?