Friday, August 11

my interview in rising...

My interview in the latest issue of Rising. Also, check out their Myspace Group Tough on Poetry.

Clare Pollard asks Where Are They Now?
This time with Cheryl B.
Cocktail of choice?
I’m sober now so it’s a sugar-free Red Bull. I used to be a big on Cuervo though, back in the day.

Are McDonalds evil or are you lovin' it?
Evil, definitely evil.

Is a dildo an acceptable dramatic catalyst?
Probably not, I must admit, although it does have other abilities.

What kind of underwear do your poems wear?
Black satin bikinis, stark yet shimmery and soft to the touch. Sexy and
pragmatic. No thongs!

If your life was a movie, what genre would it be?
Dark comedy.

American TV comedy or British?
British, of course.

You run a Poetry v Comedy night, poets or comedians; who are the biggest whiners?
Comedians tend to be a bit more cutting and Poets are more introspective. Although, the two could easily be interchangeable. Both are working with social commentary and are fueled by at certain amount of bitterness - which
I like.

Most romantic place in New York?
A rooftop with a good view of the water.

What song should they play at your funeral?
My first thought is "Stairway to Heaven," but only if all my friends sing

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