Friday, August 4

oh, what a night!

My little show really kicked some poetry/comedy ass last night. PVC was a total success! Each of the performers really turned it out, or in the words of "Bad Ass Larry," they were "ejaculating cobras" all night long.

In the end, we had a three-way lesbian tie (the best kind), as captured in this photo of Zaedryn Meade, Robin Cloud, Tara Clancy and emcee Carolyn Castiglia. These ladies were pure magic! And Zaedryn was the first poet to win PVC!

The boys, Guillermo Castro, Matt Little and Matt McCarthy also really rocked as did musical guest Robin Gelfenbien.

Unfortunately, BVAN couldn't make it last night, so this is the only photographic evidence of the show. We did videotape it though, so hopefully we can get some clips online soon.

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Christine said...

It was so great. PVC is the perfect show.