Sunday, September 10

big, huge thanks...

ATOMIC went out in style. Not only did I get to read with Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Alison Smith, who are two of my favorite writers, but the audience was equally divine. I'm feeling very blessed tonight.

Photos TK.

In the meantime, I'd like to give big, big thanks to the Lucky 13 Saloon for hosting us the past two years. Also to everyone who came out to support the series.

And a great big ATOMIC round of applause to our past readers, all included in this handy paragraph below, who made the series such a success.

Christine Hamm, Michelle Wildgen, Tony O’Neill, Joel Allegretti, Brett Berk, Cynthia, Bruckman, Anne Elliott, Thomas Hopkins, David Webber, Francine Witte, Nancy Agabian, Ellis Avery, Jennifer Dziura, Elizabeth Merrick, Blaise K, C.O. Moed, Carol Novack, G Emil Reutter,Jami Attenberg, James Braly, Shari Goldhagen, Alicia Vasquez, Katy Brennan, Shanna Compton, CA Conrad, Peter Kleiner, Lisa Selin Davis, Christine Hamm, Andy Horwitz, Tsaurah Litzky, Jennifer DeMerritt, Marty McConnell, Hal Sirowitz, Ed Hamilton,Meredith Phillips, Elizabeth Smith, Pauline Millard, Elise Miller, Nathan Penlington, Sarah D. Bunting, Marie Carter, Nairne Holtz, Amy Ouzoonian, Janice Erlbaum, Sara Seinberg, Steve Caratzas, Elizabeth Whitney, Avra, Laylage Courie, Kelli Dunham, Sarah Schulman, Karen G., Tim Wells, Dirty Phoenix, AmyJo Goddard, Nichelle, Carolyn Connelly, Joanna Fuhrman, Bob Kerr, Greg Walloch, Jan Clausen, Bon Joi, Jon Friedman, Nicole Blackman, Ellen Miller, Felicia C. Sullivan, Michelle Tea, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Lauren McCubben, Melody Henry, Thad Rutkowski, Christian Peet, Gloria Williams, Erin O’Briant, Kathleen Warnock, Elena Georgiou, KC Trommer, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Aaron Hamburger, Guillermo Castro, Anne Elliott, Lisa Haas.

***It's quite a list! (I'm too lazy to link all of them right now so consult our good friend google for more info.)

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