Wednesday, September 20

I Managed Not to Cry on my Birthday

I can't even describe the wonderful time I had last night at my birthday gathering at the always-fantastic comedy show Chicks & Giggles. Particularly since I was about to burst into tears at several points during the day yesterday due to the female troubles, birthday blues, various other bullshit. Well, last night I was able to push all that aside and have a great time. The only tears I shed were tears of laughter.

I also scored some great loot: books, journal, one-shouldered Hawaiian t-shirt complete with hanging pom-poms, bag of goodies from Sephora, gigantic bar of dark chocolate.

And Alizinha made the most delicious miniature cupcakes!

Many thanks to all of you who came out last night.

Photos TK.

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Alice said...

Happy belated birthday!