Sunday, October 29

Another Fine Evening This Side of the Pond

Great reading at the Poetry Cafe tonight. Got to feature with Tim and I was also recorded and interviewed for a future podcast.

After the reading, I hung out with some of my favorite Londoners and watched them get pissed (drunk), took a ton of photos and listened to AC/DC. I'm currently still buzzing from my two cans of Red Bull (it's 5:30 am here).

On Friday, Nathan and I were kicked out of a lesbian bar because we arrived two minutes after closing (even though the room was still packed with ladies complete with a very active round of karaoke). Once again, forces beyond my control are hampering my sex life, now on two continents. And tonight, Tim, Andy and myself were kicked off a late bus because there were two many passengers. Despite these two rejection episodes, I've had an absolutely fantastic time.

Photo avalanche will be posted on flickr tomorrow.

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