Thursday, November 2

A Gay Old Time

Wow, what an amazing show tonight! It was worth having to lug very heavy bar stools around in four inch heels - which was what I had to do when I got to the venue.

I didn't realize until after the show started that this was our gayest lineup ever. We wound up having a three-way poet tie, won by Emanuel Xavier, who went on to win PVC. This is the third poet winner in a row. Go poets!

Many, many thanks to:

Poets Regie Cabico, Robin Cloud (as Angela Davison), Emanuel Xavier

Comedians Michael Cyril Crighton, Abbi Crutchfield and Margaret Dodge

Also our fabulous judges: Bryan with a Y, Mindy Raf (as Liebya Rogers) and GirlyNYC

Sometimes I wonder why I produce a show I'm not even in. Tonight I answered my own question.

Photos TK.

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