Thursday, November 9

Portrait Project 5

This is from my friend Emma. I took part in this last Saturday and it was really interesting.

Volunteers needed for Portrait Project 5 - focusing on the LGBT subject.
All types ages etc needed.

Subjects will be videotaped while posing for a studio-style photograph.
Shooting will take place at Brooklyn studio on Saturdays 11am-5pm, Oct 28, Nov 4, Nov 11. (Other times/dates may also be arranged).

It will take just 1 hour of your time to contribute to this exciting visual document of our diverse expressions of Self.

For more info or to volunteer:


Christine said...

I'm doing this on Saturday. I'm pretty excited. But she said I can't wear black. Which means... what do I have left to wear?

Christine said...

It was really fun. I encourage people to try it!