Thursday, December 21

Check out this awesome lineup! - Jan. 18th at KGB, 7PM

Drunken! Careening! Writers!
Thursday, Jan. 18, 7pm
85 E. 4th St., NYC
Happy Birthday to Us: DCW Turns Four!
Charlie Anders
Cheryl Burke
Annalee Newitz
Thaddeus Rutkowski
With your hostess, Kathleen Warnock

In a time far beyond the reckoning of humankind:
January 2004, a writer had a dream…and a drink. A
dream of smart, snappy readings by good writers of all
genres, and people laughing (hopefully with the
writers, not at them). Join us for the latest
installment of the series, celebrating the fourth year
with four wonderful writers.

Charlie Anders wrote Choir Boy, which won a Lambda
Literary Award. She's the co-editor of the new
anthology She's Such A Geek and the publisher of other
magazine. Her writing has appeared in, the
Wall Street Journal, the NY Press, ZYZZYVA, the San Francisco Chronicle, McSweeney's online, Pindeldyboz
online and the anthology Paraspheres: New Wave
Speculative Fiction.

Cheryl Burke (aka Cheryl B.) is a Brooklyn-based
writer whose work appears in dozens of print and
online publications including; KGB Bar Lit, BLOOM,
Small Spiral Notebook and The Guardian. She has
received a fellowship from the New York Foundation for
the Arts and has been a resident at the Virginia
Center for the Creative Arts. Her website is She also participated in the first
DCW in January 2004.

Annalee Newitz is a writer who covers the collisions
between technology, culture and science. She is a
contributing editor at Wired, and writes the
nationally-syndicated column Techsploitation. You can
also find her writing in Popular Science, New
Scientist, and The Believer. She is the author of
Pretend We're Dead, a political analysis of monster
movies, and co-editor of She's Such a Geek, essays
about female nerds.

Thaddeus Rutkowski grew up in central Pennsylvania and
is a graduate of Cornell University and The Johns
Hopkins University. He is the author of Tetched: A
Novel in Fractals (Behler Publications) and Roughhouse
(Kaya Press). Both books were finalists for the Asian
American Literary Award. His work has been nominated
four times for a Pushcart Prize. He lives in Manhattan
with his wife and daughter.

Drunken! Careening! Writers! is a reading series
dedicated to the proposition that readings should be:
excellent, well-read pieces that have at least one
thing in them that makes people laugh (nervous
laughter counts), and don't run more than 15 minutes

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Charlie Anders said...

I'm totally psyched to be reading with you! This will be fun!