Wednesday, December 6

Marry Me Gay

From my friend Nancy:


This is to announce the launch of a fabulous new company by Nancy

MARRY ME GAY - A video company that specializes in filming commitment,
union and wedding ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples, and producing
a broadcast quality commemorative DVD of the happy day. Directed and
shot by industry professionals, it will be your very own film of
award-winning quality.

Nancy's brainchild brings together her top-class experience as a
television director/producer with lifetime credentials in the LGBT

ABOUT THE OWNER: Nancy Swartz, the owner of MARRY ME GAY, is an Emmy
award-winning director and producer. Her track record includes
directing shows for MTV, VH1 and the BBC, as well as producing with
ABC’s “Good Morning America” and Michael Moore. Highlights range
filming weddings for style shows and haute couture for Fashion Week, to
spearheading Michael Moore’s Sodomobile: The Gay Freedom-Rider Bus.
is a longtime member of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalist
Association, and former board member of the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film

MARRY ME GAY is a unique company designed to cater to the specific
needs of the LGBT community. The DVD of that special day when you and
your partner exchange vows can be as elegant and beautiful as you
imagine, or if you'd prefer, it can be so camp and fabulous you'll be
squealing with delight each time you watch it. Shot and edited by
professionals who specialize in creating network TV shows, the
commemorative DVD will be a cut above the usual genre of ‘wedding
videos’, with the creativity and polish of a film or high-quality
television show.

HOW IT WORKS: Please contact the address below and a representative
will get back to you to discuss your celebration. Then a team of video
experts will attend your ceremony and discreetly record your memorable
day. Under the direction of Nancy Swartz, it will be edited with music
and graphics to bring out the joyful and emotional highlights of the
day. This can include touching interview snippets and fun asides with
guests and family members. It will be a DVD you'll watch over and over,
and share with family and friends. Or you can put it online for others
to watch.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: The business is ready to roll. The website is under
construction, but you can refer folks to it for basic information:

What You Can do: SPREAD THE WORD. Please forward this announcement or
the link to friends, family and distribution lists. We will be offering
a special reduced rate for our first videos so if you know any couples
planning a ceremony, this is a chance to get a video of astounding
quality at bargain basement rates.

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