Monday, December 18

This Week

Having a much better week, I can feel it already. Great writing group tonight, have I mentioned the fierce, insightful and totally awesome ladies in my writing group? And I got to see one of my favorite people two nights in a row this weekend. Pure fabulousness.

I'm reading tomorrow at the Emerging Memoirs Night at KGB bar at 7. Should be fun. Wednesday I'm taking some pics with BVAN. Thursday is a meeting about the secret project and there's a holiday party on Friday.

I went to Trader Joe's today for the first time. I got a large bag of healthy groceries for $22. I was impressed. Also bought myself a pair of boots online, I needed new winter dress boots and since I'll probably be going on some interviews soon, I thought I should have some nice footwear.

Okay, time for bed.

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Anonymous said...

ok so you had your relationship realization...sort of like a plot twist, expound.