Sunday, January 21

The Magic Six

Friends, today I'm celebrating six years of sobriety. To be honest, I'm not sure of the actual date I stopped drinking, but I think the 21st is around or about the right day. Anyway, I'm very proud to make it another year. My OFFICIAL SIX YEARS OF SOBRIETY celebration will be at PVC on Jan. 31 at Bowery Poetry Club.

I slept late today. I was also out late last night with G and the lesbians. I met some really cool and cute people and ran into an old friend from back in the day. More and more back in the day people have reappeared in my life in the past year. This must be a sign of something, although I'm not sure what.

I've been listening to AC/DC and the Rolling Stones all day while writing. I ate two ice cream sandwiches. I have the urge to reorganize some files. I enjoy reorganization, especially when it involves files and/or bookshelves.

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