Tuesday, January 2

Starting Over

Had a very lovely, low-key NYE, involving a yummy dinner party and a small gathering at another friend's house where we each ate 12 grapes in anticipation of the 12 coming months and our hostesses threw a bucket of water out the door. It was cool to watch.

Yesterday I met up with Avra, who was visiting from LA, at the Bowery Poetry Club where she was scheduled to read between 2-4 and I was scheduled to read from 10-midnight. After Avra's segment, we went to get some food, then Avra went off with a few other friends and I went back to BPC. I wound up leaving after eleven without reading, since it was about an hour and a half behind schedule and I was getting restless. There's always New Year's next year... Speaking of BPC, we're all very excited to be moving PVC there at the end of this month! More on that soon.

RKB gave me a little journal called The Moveable Couch (Therapy on the Go) which includes sections to write out your daily existential crises and other thoughts, both happy and disturbing. I've done it for the last two days and it's fun, I'm big on the existential.

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