Sunday, February 4

More Brilliant Friends

Earlier in the day I attended the Sundays at Sunny's Reading Series in Red Hook to see my friends Virginia Vitzthum and Thad Rutkowski read. I was surprised how easily I made it to Red Hook. The last time I tried to go to Sunny's to see Thad read about a year and a half ago, I got on the bus going on the wrong direction. I'm a dingbat sometimes.

Virginia read from I Love You, Let's Meet and Thad read from the anthology Up Is Up, But So Is Down, New York's Literary Scene 1974-1992, along with two of the other contributors, Sharon Mesmer and Ron Kolm. They were all fabulous and Sunny's is really adorable, the kind of place I loved to drink in back when I was a drunk. I can't wait to read Up Is Up I'm on this total history of 20th century NYC art, literature and music kick.

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