Tuesday, March 13

That Time of the Month, as Evidenced by Food Intake

This month I tried to go off The Pill, which I've been taking for my lady problems since I was seventeen. In addition to the cramps and bloating, I eat compulsively, something I can generally keep in check when not overcome with menstrual problems. Here's a sampling of the events and snacks of the last few days:

Friday - First day, woke up with Cramps. Went to E's birthday gathering at Camp in Cobble Hill, followed by half bag of Newman's chocolate, chocolate chip cookies with organic skim milk.

Saturday - Cramps came mid-afternoon, post-gym. Went to Suzanne's b-day party (photo above with Felicia and Susan), where I stuffed myself with homemade rugelach, peanut butter and chocolate rice krispy treats and rice pudding - this was after scarfing down two servings of Felicia's butternut squash lasagna in bechamel sauce (awesome).

Sunday - Day three, woke up with Cramps, cancelled day's plans, but did make it to the gym. Consumed the guacamole derivitive of one whole avocado, sea salt potato chips, cheese, just cheese.

Monday - Day four, almost over. Pizza for lunch, brownie for dinner.

I'm going back on the pill this weekend.

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