Monday, April 23

Open Mic Benefit at Telephone Bar - May 5th

From We Three Productions, the producers of the Monday Night Reading Series at Telephone Bar:

As many of you know, Wayne Kral--artist, musician and co-founder of
the Monday Night Reading Series at The Telephone Bar--has come through
his open-heart surgery with flying colors. His recovery is going well,
but it's going to take a while before he can return to work full-time
and make what he likes to call "a living."

To help insure that he does not hastily return to the heavy lifting
that has been so good to him in the past, We Three Productions and The
Telephone Bar will be holding a benefit Open Mic Celebration for Wayne
on Saturday, May 5th from 2pm until 5pm.

"Wait a minute!" you are saying. "Isn't that Cinco de Mayo and
Kentucky Derby Day?" Congratulations! You can read a calendar. And
what better way to commemorate Mexican Independence Day and The Run
for the Roses than to help out a guy who flagrantly flaunts his love
of freedom AND really fast horses?

Admission to the Open Mic will be $5 per person. If you're interested
in reading, sign up at telreadings at, Attention Tim. Depending
on the number of readers, think about four (4) minutes per reader.

The Telephone Bar has generously told us that there will be free
appetizers and holiday-related drink specials from 2pm until 5pm. Can
they make a mint julep margarita? You'll have to show up to find out.
(Proceeds from the drink specials and admissions will go directly to

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