Wednesday, May 23

PVC/Chicks & Giggles Recap

It's official: the ladies rule PVC. Tonight's all girl PVC/C&G show was FANTASTIC! The dining room at Mo Pitkins was packed from wall to wall with a fun-loving audience. The poets were the breathtaking Tamiko Beyer, Mad Hatter and excellent scribe Carol Novack and Mindy Raf as everyone's favorite lesbian separatist folksinger and tofu enthusiast, Leibya Rogers. The comedians were the lovable Katina Corrao, Brandy Barber was joined by her comedy partner, Sara Jo Allocco in a truly dysfunctional mother/daughter sketch and the always awesome Desiree Burch had me in tears. Brilliant and dirty singer Jessica Delfino enchanted us with a rape whistle. And fittingly, the lady named Leibya won the all girl show. Phew! What a night!

I guess I should do an all boy show sometime, just for balance's sake...

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention - I totally forgot to bring prizes tonight! Duh!

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